Stress-Free Week at the Mortola Library

The Mortola Library will host another Stress-Free Week of activities starting December 5. Students are encouraged to join us for our popular Toast-mageddon event, Therapy Dogs, Game Night, puzzles, clay sculpture, and more!

Monday, Dec. 5:

Enjoy free toast as we “toast” the end of the semester — it’s Toast-mageddon! (10am- 4pm)

Tuesday, Dec. 6:

Color and Relax! (9am- 5pm)

Wednesday, Dec. 7:

De-stress with Therapy Dogs from the Good Dog Foundation! (10am- 3pm, Birnbaum Room)

Zen Gardening! (9am- 5pm)

Thursday, Dec. 8:

Therapy Dogs, Birnbaum Room (10am- 1pm)

Therapy Dogs, Kessel Student Center (1- 3pm)

Clay Sculpture! (9am- 5pm)

Friday, Dec. 9:

Puzzle Fun! (9am- 5pm)

Like playing board games? Want to meet new people? Stop by Game Night (7- 10pm).


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